Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Binding

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(marcel) #835

I think this is because the dimmer item sends a value between 0-1, and the light expects a value from 0 - 100.
I may check if I find a way around this, but for now I suggest you make an separate dimmer item, not directly linked to the brightness channel. Also create an associated rule that multiplies your dimmer value with 100 and send this to the brightness channel, and sends on/offs to the power channel in case of on/off commands.

(Brian M. Pedersen) #836

Hi marcel
I added the Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart LED Bulb E14 Candle Lamp 220 - 240V white crystal. see:


it shows up as :
Mi IO model philips.light.candle2 identified as: Unknown Mi IO Device (unknown). Matches thingtype miio:unsupported

Would you be able to add it to the database? it is a tw 3000 - 5700K led blub and of cause you can change the light intensity.

(marcel) #837

@Moellegaard sure,
Can you please try to override the model in the thing configuration with a known one
Suggest to try first philips.light.bulb

let me know if that one is working fine.

(Salexes) #838

The odd thing is that it was working with a dimmer item when I was on openhab version 2.2.

(hendrik ) #839

I have a question regarding Zone Cleaning.

Via Flolevac I determined the coordinates.

I entered them into the rule and the first cleaning worked fine.

Next time, the coordinates were not correct, there was a displacement of something around 2m in the x and y axis.

Does someone know why?


(Bob Miles) #840

It’s a known issue as the map will be reoriented with every full clean-up.
Since the latest update, however, you can store the map using the settings in the app. My zones work as expected now.

(Brian M. Pedersen) #842

Hi Marcel
yes, apart from the “Switch Scene” and " Toggle" I could not add a channel for these in paper ui(It’s a switch type). I don’t know if this is because of my lack of experince with paper ui.
Thanks alot!

(marcel) #843

I’ve added it to the database. Suggest to remove the thing and have it discovered again.
it should come back as basic device

(marbon87) #844

Great plugin. Do you have any plans to make this an official binding?

(marcel) #845

It is awaiting review of the maintainers…
When they merge it it will be integrated as regular binding. There is unfortunately no timeline for it.

@Kai suggested some time ago to include it in oh2.4 but I don’t think that is still in the plan

(Kai Kreuzer) #846

Oh, really? I still had in mind that it is WIP and you weren’t yet sure how to package it for the distro.

but I don’t think that is still in the plan

If it is your plan, then it still is ours for sure! Not sure if we can still squeeze it in 2.4, but let’s see.

(Constantinos Contis) #847

Xiaomi, has just announced a new, very interesting and economical accessory for our homes, we talk about the Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell.Hope to see some integration with our binding to openhab :slight_smile:

(Nathan Crocker) #848

Hi all,
Has anyone had the issue with a zone cleanup where it startsup “starting zoned cleanup” then finishes straight away then states “finished zone cleanup, returning to dock” ?
I can send go to commands (coordinates) and it goes there with no issues.
sending “app_zoned_clean[29300,29000,31400,24300,1]” how ever has the above effect…

Solved ! , should have been “app_zoned_clean[[29300,29000,31400,24300,1]]”. (missing the double ‘[]’)
Completely missed that.
Thanks for a get Binding, I have been using it for quite a few Xiaomi products!

(marcel) #849

Is this a wifi device or a ZigBee device? If it is a WiFi device, will be interesting to see the battery life.
Anyway… Interesting. I doubt I would want to send the faces of all my visitors to China :wink: … But that is a wholly different topic

(marbon87) #852


I don’t find any documentation for the channel “…cleaning#last_clean_finish” is this a feature of the binding?

(marcel) #854

Good news everyone…:tada:
The binding has been reviewed (thanks @Kai & several others!) and merged into the regular distribution.

Hence you no longer need to download it from the market place, but instead as regular binding.

note: seems I was shouting bit too early… it is not yet visible. Guess it still needs to appear in the full build give it a day to become available

For me it did not directly come up… This command in the shell will install the binding
bundle:install https://openhab.jfrog.io/openhab/online-repo-snapshot/2.4/org/openhab/binding/org.openhab.binding.miio/2.4.0-SNAPSHOT/org.openhab.binding.miio-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

(Constantinos Contis) #855

nice mate grats for the merging,my roborock works just fine .Are there other devices working with the binding?Is there a list somewhere?

(marcel) #856

yes… RTFM :slight_smile:

(Kristof Rado) #857

Is it somehow possible to get a notification if a device update is available? Also sending update command to a channel can be made?

Thanks for help!

(Raffaello Bonvino) #858

Hi all. Is it possible to control the new roborock s50 (aka xiaomi vacuum cleaner v2) using this binding?