Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Binding

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(Raffaello Bonvino) #880

Hi all, I’m not able to see this binding in Paper UI to install it. I have OpenHAB 2.3.0 and successfully installed the IoT Market Place and confgured it to show alpha versions of the bindings, but I only see di Xiaomi Mi Home binding. The page of the IoT market with the binding is also not reachable for manual installation. Do you know why?

(Neil) #881

hi Raffaello

you need to use the latest v2.4 milestone builds to access the binding now, as it’s no longer in the IoT marketplace.

(Neil) #882

thanks (again) to Marcel for the binding, which i’ve been using trouble-free for my vacuum for a year or so. :slight_smile:

I see it supports the latest Xiaomi gateway, which says its online in my set-up. Are there any plans to support the sensors that the gateway works with?

(I’m aware that other ways of accessing the gateway & sensors within openhab are available but i’d prefer to use this, if possible)

(Marius) #883


it works, at least sometimes. I have the issue that sometimes the map is upside down and so the coordinates do not match. Is there any solution for this?

(Kristof Rado) #884

Not really… this is not a problem of the binding or OH. I just hope that we get an update for it, that it stores the map always and arranges the new map to it. Or just have the option to extract the map from the app so you can deal with it…

(Raffaello Bonvino) #885

The binding is now visible. Thanks.

(marcel) #886

Hi Neil, no, the mihome binding is supporting the devices that run via the Xiaomi gateway.
It is discovered as well via my discovery, as it ‘can speak’ the same protocol as well…

I don’t know the mihome binding well, as I don’t have one, but I think would be confusing for users if 2 bindings ‘compete’ for the same devices. (besides the waste time in the double effort from me and the mihome developer)

(Neil) #887

hi Marcell, thanks, that makes sense - tho one of the reasons i asked was because the mihome binding doesn’t currently support the gateway that’s currently being sold; fingers crossed it will in the future.

Thanks again for all of your work with this binding anyway. :slight_smile:

(Raffaello Bonvino) #888

Nice binding. I’ve been able also to clean zones :wink: Is there a way to control the cleaning with water? I checked the repo https://github.com/marcelrv/XiaomiRobotVacuumProtocol that describes the communication protocol to control the vacuum, but i didn’t find anything about this topic. I noticed that when I use the cleaning with water mode, the channel status#fan_power shows a value of 105%: maybe sending this value over the channel actions#fan does the trick? Thanks in advance.

(marcel) #889

Indeed the commands for mobbing are still not so clear. The 105 fan power is most likely.
I suggested earlier, but don’t think we ever saw a reply with results of the test…

(Raffaello Bonvino) #890

I’ll give it a try and let you know.

(Raffaello Bonvino) #891

I noticed some facts about the washing operation:

  1. It seems that the vacuum doesn’t control the water release because there are no buses/wires on the water tank and the two valves under the mop release the water anyway (as a matter of fact mine one releases water also in “just-vacuum” mode): if you want no water, you have to remove the tank;
  2. The “mop mode” seems to be just a mode in wich the vacuum moves slower than in the other modes and with a power of the fan reduced.
    I tried giving 105 over the actions#fan channel and the robot seems to perform as I wrote in the second point.

(Arancio Vincent) #892

I’m new and I don’y know how I can update to 2.4.
I use OpenHabian 2.3.0 and it try sudo update upgrade but not ok
How I can install 2.4 please ?

(Raffaello Bonvino) #893

Hi, you have to use the openhabian-config tool, then choose “openHAB related” and then “openHAB snapshot”.

(Arancio Vincent) #894

Ok perfect thx.

It’s stupid but I’m very a noob with OH, I use Vera, Domoticz, and Samsung but I want stop with all to keep just OH

(Raffaello Bonvino) #895

Imho questions are never stupid. You’re welcome.

(Christopher Hemmings) #896

I can confirm. sending 105 change the mode to mop
The modes are 101,102,103,104,105.

(marcel) #897

So are all the values above 100 mob modes?
How does the app describe them, than in can maybe add those descriptions in the table

(Markus M.) #898

There is only one mob mode in the app.
It is described as follows:
Mob only
Only suitable for a cleaned floor. Please install the mob module before using.

When you want to enable the mode you get a message:
Mob mode
In mobe mode the vacuum power is considerably reduced.
The set mob mode is only effective once.

Does anybody know how to resume a cleaning or zoned cleaning?

(Flole) #899

No it doesn’t, it will still stay on because the STM doesn’t cut the power.