Xiaomi rules not triggering

I successfully added a Xiaomi smart home hub with a Xiaomi switch via the Paper UI, which seem to be connected ok, after adding the hub by IP address it then also found the button automatically and both the hub and the button have status online. I then created a .rules file as described in the “Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding” documentation. There is no error in the logs, and the .rules file itself is working, an example time based trigger works just fine. What could be wrong? The rule looks like this:

rule "Button 1 pressed"
Channel “mihome:sensor_switch:158d000187208e:button” triggered
logInfo(“test”, “Button 1 pressed”);


  • Did you correctly activated the local area network communication protocol on the MiHome app for your gateway?
  • Do you have other devices connected to the gateway that works (sending events)?
  • Did you check the openhab.log or event.log?