Xiaomi Setup

I am following the instructions here

“Enter the previously noted developer key in openHAB Paper UI -> Configuration -> Things -> Xiaomi Gateway -> Edit -> Developer Key. Save (This is required if you want to be able to send controls to the devices like the light of the gateway)”

The gateway got detected. I can select and edit it. But I don’t see an option for “Developer Key”. I have one for “Token” but it has to be in hex and the developer key is not hex. Are these the same thing.



which binding am I supposed to use – MiHome IO Binding discovers the hub automatically but the SmartHome binding does not.

The SmartHome Binding does not seem to be work with v3 of the gateway.

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This would normally be something for the mihome binding.
The mi io binding indeed finds the device as it shares part of the same protocol, but does not have any logic to control it.