Xiaomi Smart Home Binding - Gateway's always offline

So my Xiaomi Gateway always show’s offline.
This what I’ve done:

  • enabled Developer Mode MiHome App
  • enabled LAN mode
  • extract the Token or “Password”
  • added the Token to the PaperUI Thing
  • added the Bridge to the other PaperUI Xiaomi Gateway
    since I made an Update to the 2.3.0-1 (Realease Build) of OpenHAB the Gateway and all my other Sensors show offline and I cant interact with them. (Except for the Yeelights but they work with another Binding and it’s token)
    Is there a way to implement these with the new OH version?

Still having the same Issue.
Anyone who know’s the answer?

They look like this, but they didn’t before the OH 2.3.1 Update.
So I assume the channels I’m using (which are shown in PaperUI) aren’t valid.
Any Solution here?

Same issue with OH 2.4, any solution?

Exactly the Same With all item names exposed to the Basic ui?
Check your xiaomi.items File and let IT properly load

i have no items create because the bridge are after 5 minutes offline and all devices

2019-01-10 08:35:49.158 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'mihome:bridge:51272c9a' changed from INITIALIZING to ONLINE
2019-01-10 08:40:49.281 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE)
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did you enter the developer key and are you using a AP?

developer key --> yes
AP? Access Point?!?

Yes, could be a problem if the AP blocks the multicast packets running on
You can sniff your internet using a tcp dumb.
Fritzbox: http://your-fritz-IP/html/capture.html
You can see all network packets beeing send and received on all network interfaces
Open them e.g. with wireshark :slight_smile:

But at first we need to see your created .items and .things file for all xiaomi smarthome devices

Multicast are enabled at the FritzBox and there are no error logs about " IGMP"



Group gmotion

// --> function

// --> persistent

Group gmapdp
Switch     MimotionCorridor_Motion           "Motion Status"         (gmotion)     {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:motion"}
Number     MimotionCorridor_Illumination     "Illumination"            (gmotion) {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:illumination"}
Number     MimotionCorridor_MotionOffTimer   "Motion Off Timer"    (gmotion)     {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:motionOffTimer"}
DateTime   MimotionCorridor_LastMotion       "Last Activity (Date/Time)" (gmotion) {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:lastMotion"}
Number     MimotionCorridor_BatteryLevel     "Batterieladung"      (gmotion)       {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:batteryLevel"}
Switch     MimotionCorridor_LowBattery       "Niedriger Batteriestatus"  (gmotion) {channel="mihome:sensor_motion_aq2:158d0002b70f28:lowBattery"}

I have no things file because i create bridge with paperUI manual because the autodiscover failed!