Xiaomi vacuum essential mop G1 mija robot switches itself off (power save?)

I got this vacuum robot from xiaomi, integrated to openhab, all is working great, but after some time of inactivity the robot seems to switch itself completely off.
then the device is not replying to ping, and of course, OH binding cannot communicate with it.
anyone has similar issues?
I dont use xiaomi android app, so I am not sure if android app would be able to wake it up from this deep sleep state…but I think I will have to try…
the only way to wake it up is to press the physical power button on the robot…it kind of defeats the purpose of “smart robot” thing…if I want to schedule it to run every 24 hours, it will fail.

found this:

Sleep Mode

The vacuum-mop will automatically enter sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. To wake it up, press any button or use the app.

  • The vacuum-mop will not enter sleep mode while on the charging dock.
  • The vacuum-mop will automatically turn off after being in sleep mode for 12 hours.

after 12 hours, it powers off? I will have to install xiaomi app and see if this can be disabled…since I am using it only via openhab, I’m blind to all the options xiaomi app has (and was hoping i will never need them :slight_smile: