Xiaomi Vibration Sensor can not work with CC2531

  • Hardware: Rpi3B+
  • OS: _Linux
  • openHAB version: 2.4

Xiaomi door sensor and motion detector are working fine (with CC2531 coordinator) but I can not add the vibration sensor to OH2.
After the scanning I can see the vibration sensor in the inbox, I add it as a things but status will be always offline; message: Node has not completed discovery.
Do you have any idea?

Assuming it’s a batteri device, it sounds like it might need to be waken up a few more times in order for the discovery to fully complete. Try pressing the device wake up button a few times with a second or so in between.

I have tried ~20 times to add the vibration sensor to OH2. I have pushed longer and shorter time the button on the sensor (officially you have to push ~5s long) and I have changed the battery as well.
No success.
My Xiaomi gateway will arrive soon I will try to add it trought the original gateway.
If it works with original gateway then is some compatibility problem between CC2531 and vibration sensor, if it doesn’t work anyway then the vibration sensor has some defect.

Please remember that the Xiaomi devices are not ZigBee devices, and there are incompatibility issues with them. The Xiaomi gateway probably knows more about the device without having to scan it, where the binding needs to interrogate it, and this requires the device to be awake. These Xiaomi devices tend to go to sleep very quickly, and they need to be kept awake.

It may also be that the device is using a custom feature that is only known to Xiaomi - this is also not uncommon with these devices as they are not always using ZigBee commands.

Thank you Chris, I didn’t know it.
I’m waiting for the Xiaomi gateway I hope it will solve my problem.

Since the mentioned issue I have an other problem between CC2531 and Xiaomi sensors (2pcs motion & 2pcs door)…after few days normal working the connection was lost. (From 4 sensors only one working well…) The status at all sensors are online in OH but do not work…
I think I will forget the CC2531…