Xiaomi Wifi devices (Mi IO) Binding and ROIDMI EVE vacuum


I became the owner of ROIDMI EVE vacuum.
I am trying to integrate it with OH using Xiaomi Wifi devices (Mi IO).
Taking the token out and plugging it in was a painful ordeal, but I did it.
Basic commands such as start and stop work, but I don’t know how to clean the area.
The channel set will look a little different than the rest of these devices.
I can’t find an example or documentation anywhere.

I only found this:

It helped me get started but I don’t know how to use it further.

Please help :slight_smile:


This device was added without having access to it, based on the published spec.
Sometimes the spec is not 100% correct.

Anyway, you might already done so, but try the various values you see in the ‘Actions’ in the file you linked. I guess it is the vacuum-start-room-sweep

If everything fails, you can take a look if it works with python-miio/roidmivacuum_miot.py at master · rytilahti/python-miio · GitHub if so, share a log and I’m confident we can make it work in OH

Nothing on the OH level works.

I started to analyze this python-miio library and I see that they themselves do not know what the command to clean up the partition is :slight_smile:

I can be a test subject if anyone would be interested in developing this topic.

Maybe someone knows someone I could work with on this topic.

I did quick check on the app code for your device (see also PM) and it has indeed aiid’s and siid’s with different numbers than the spec. You can try these in the commands to see if they start your vacuuming

  startDust: {
    aiid: 13,
    siid: 7
  startRoomSweep: {
    aiid: 6,
    siid: 2
  startSweep: {
    aiid: 1,
    siid: 12

note. the other alternative is to install a hacked mihome app (e.g. the vevs version) which can log the commands send to the vacuum. The you can see what the app is sending and use them in openhab.