Xiaomi Yeelight Strip & LED Bulb

Is there a way to implement this binding with VS Code?

What do you mean? send commands to the item? you do that like with all other items.

It can only be installed and used with Eclipse smarthome or am I wrong here?

I install binding with paper UI I’m not using Eclipse smarthome at all, sorry

Binding isn’t available in my Paper UI

you properbly need to enable beta binding i you system configuration, then you can see it.

Can I enable it via Paper UI? help :frowning:

Here :slight_smile:

I think you also have to enable LAN mode, see: http://forum.yeelight.com/t/cannot-find-the-developer-mode-for-yeelight-white-bulb/278/14

Thank you!
But I don’t have a marketplace @ Configuration > System …

I think there a binding for marketplace

Yeah, found it already! Thanks a lot!

Hi All,

Can someone confirm if Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp II device is supported in openhab2?
If Yes, any idea on how to perform the thing discovery in OH2?

I’ve tried so far the Yeelight Binding v2.1.0 (manually placed in /usr/share/openhab2/addons/) and also with Xiaomi Mi IO Binding but without success.

With the Xiaomi Mi IO Binding, two “unsupported” devices are detected and show up in Inbox, but I’m afraid none of these is the bedside lamp:

Xiaomi Mi IO Device 03D1695C (64055644) isa-camera-df3_miio64055644
Xiaomi Unsupported Mi IO device

Xiaomi Mi IO Device 04AE3B2A (78527274) lumi-gateway-v3_miio78527274
Xiaomi Unsupported Mi IO device

(one of them could be the Dafang camera which runs the original fw, connected via Xiaomi cloud, and the other one seems to be the Xiaomi GW, even though this device it is already installed via the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding).

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Don’t know if the miio binding allows controlling it (definitely marks is as unsupported). There is a good chance not, as it is not in your discovery list. (note your double discovery of the lumi gateway is standard behavior as the gateway uses part of the same discovery protocol)

You may want to try to see if you can extract the token from the phone database (use older app version, see the xiaomi vacuum topic) and manually add it as a basic device, with the right IP and the right token.

If it allows communication, you can experiment with changing the model in the config to one of the supported models and try sending / finding the commands for the lamp.

Are there any news for the Bedsidelamp 2? I installed the MI IO binding, but I can only control power and brightness. If I try to link the rgb color channel i am unable to select a profile. Is it posible to set scenes?