Xiomi 2021 (is it possible to use)


second hand i bought switches, door magnat’s, and 2 hub’s. Where i bought it would be a easy install, there is a Xiomi home binding i can’t get it connect. de last few day’s i read a diversion of thread’s about this subject and i start to believe it will be not possible to use the components in my OpenHab configuration. But before i stop trying i want to start a new topic for this moment.
I’am living in the Netherlands and the hub’s are European.
After reading al the topics i could find there are some reason’s why it would not be possible to connect:

  • Update by Xiomi there isn’t any gateway anymore where you can activate the developer modus. (developer key)
  • Only the Gateway’s from Europe you can’t put in develop modus.
  • The update from the app prevents you can put the gateway in developer modus

Anyhow, like you say in the Netherlands: I can’t see the forest true trees anymore… :wink:

The bottom question is: Is there a possibility these day’s to use the components from Xiomi in my OpenHab configuration?
If yes: What do i need to buy or do to do this (gateway)?
If no: What is a goud affordable brand for simple buttons (use for doorbell), door/ window magnet’s and motion sensors?

What i have and successfully connect:
Hue bridge and stuff
Plugwise SMILE and Anna

Not in use:
IKEA TRÅDFRI bridge (lights and switches reset and in use with hue bridge)

Thanks for reading!


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I am also very interested in this topic. How to make openhab and gateway3 work? I think that openhab specialists simply have to find a way, otherwise a large number of users will go to other platforms.

I think it would be better to use a generic Zigbee-Bridge-USB-Stick.
With this you can use the openhab-zigbee-binding or you could also use zigbee2mqtt.
Then, you would have only one Bridge/Stick for all zigbee devices (hue, ikea, xiaomi…)

I replaced my xiaomi Bridge 2 years ago, and i will never go back.

Thanks, There is one on his way. i read about that in one of the threads. I hope i can get is working.

also interesting, I have gataway v2 with open ports, but not have developer key… and cant connect it to OH3, official instruction not help. Try to use zigbee c2531stick, spend one week and still cant use it. read all instruction here, and official zigbe2mqqt site… so stick is not easy solution also…

PS when i first time connect my xiaomi hub to OH2.3 its connect super easy, and find device also super easy, but how to do this in 2021 i no have idea

you should use the usb stick zigbee conbee 2 there is in amazon, I have it installed in raspi4 with sensor devices and xioami switches and lamps and ikea switches and hue lamp, they all work ok.
With this conbee2 you have a zigbee hub for many zigbee devices