XML - XSLT clarification

I’ve search for a clear explanation but I haven’t found it so I’m going to post in the hope that it helps me and others in the future.

I have about 20 items that I’d like to parse out of an xml file that is returned from an API service.

Do I need a seperate xsl transformation for each item or is there a method to transform them all at once.


Usually you will need to define a separate .xsl file for each bit that you want to extract from the XML result. It will help to use the feature of the HTTP binding that caches the page returned, so that each item does not require its own HTTP GET over the wire.

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Thanks for the reply and clarification @watou that what I suspected. Instead I decided to use the HTTP binding with the JSONPATH transform to extract the data in a rule. At least that way I have less files to open!

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