XMPP latency


Running OH3.4.1 on Ubuntu machine.
I’m using XMPP to communicate with my system with great succes. In the past the reply on a message was almost immediately. Since some days/weeks there is some delay from 10 minutes…
When i disable and enable the channel… the reply’s on a message are again almoste immediately for a few minutes…but not much later… the delay’s are back.
Debugging the binding tells me there are no error to report…

Anyone have any idea?

Meanwhile i have put ON the debugging of the binding and notice that every 30 min the binding reports a
“Connection XMPPTCPConnection” -error, also in the logging a “Exception while pinging server of XMPPTCPConnection” - error. When disable and enable the Thing the xmpp messages are repied immediately, but whithin 2 or 3 minutes the XMPP connections goes in Idle mode and there are no replies anymore, until the connection is restarted. Again, the message’s are replied immediately… and after 2 or 3 minutes the XMPP connection goes in idle mode… this is repeated every 30 minutes.

@gkfabs , @Pavel_Gololobov

Someone any idea?