Xmpp, Rejected potentially spoofed reply to IQ-packet


My OH1 server worked fine with the ejabberd, but OH2 doesnt. I get the following error:

2017-08-15 19:02:43.763 [WARN ] [esoftware.smack.filter.IQReplyFilter] - Rejected potentially spoofed reply to IQ-packet. Filter settings: packetId=985LY-13, to=null, local=null, server=chat.mydomain.com. Received packet with from=user@chat.mydomain.com
2017-08-15 19:02:48.762 [ERROR] [hab.action.xmpp.internal.XMPPConnect] - Could not establish connection to XMPP server 'chat.mydomain.com:5222': null

Any idea what could be the issue?

I suddenly have the same problem after updating openhab and other system packages.

Could you solve the problem?

I gave on ejabberd and went with prosody.