Xtext Upgrade


The latest distros (starting from #1025) again include a new ESH stable version with quite some updates.
Besides a couple of small fixes and enhancements, the major change is “under the hood”: We have upgraded Xtext from 2.9 to the latest version 2.12 - this includes upgrades of a few of its dependencies as well. If you are a developer, you will also notice that the IDE has been updated accordingly and now uses the latest Equinox (Oxygen instead of Luna) in the target platform.

There are no known incompatibilities and everything should just work as before - my initial tests were all successful.
Nonetheless, please check whether anything around the textual configuration (that’s what Xtext is used for) isn’t working as expected and report it asap.



Is there any ETA for the stable release of openHAB 2.2, which would include these changes, I presume?

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