Yahoo weather plugin additional items

Hi, have a look for the yahoo weather plugin and get it up and running. But after the configuration i wondered about the existing items. Is there a reason why there are only three items available. In my mind the yahoo api is able to deliver a lot more informations. Is it possible to get more informations with the plugin?

And did not find the sourcecode of the plugin in the repository, please send me a link to the sources of the plugin.


As i understand it… but i could be wrong, the yahoo weatherbinding indeed gives 3 channels.
The yahoo weatherservice offers much more and that is available through the standard weatherbinding and defining yahoo in the weather.cfg under services. But your question about why this is, I do not know te answer to
But as said, i could be wrong

Not at this time.

I think the Yahoo binding was created as an example for developers to work from more than anything else. If you want more data you need to use the Weather Binding or HTTP Binding and parse out the data you want from the XML or JSON that gets returned.

You can find the source code for it in the Eclipse SmartHome repo. This is a binding inherited from there, not specially developed for openHAB 2.

Thank you very much for the information. I do some updates in the code and it is very easy to get the other values in openhab based on the yahoo plugin api. If someone is interested in this, maybe i will publish my updates to a public repository.

If you have updated the Yahoo weather binding, the best thing to do would be to submit a Pull Request to make your changes part of the “official” plug-in.