Yahoo weather service issue (weather binding 1.7.1)

I’m having problem with Yahoo Weather via weather binding 1.7.1: it seems that the yahoo weather webservice doesn’t answer to requests since (looking at the logs) yesterday afternoon (19/01).

Using the Yahoo Developer Console, I tested the select used by the binding:

SELECT * FROM weather.forecast WHERE u="c" AND woeid in (SELECT woeid FROM geo.placefinder WHERE text="latitute, longitute" and gflags = "R")

where I replaced the latitute and longitude with my places’, and I get:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<query xmlns:yahoo=""
    yahoo:count="0" yahoo:created="2016-01-20T15:04:16Z" yahoo:lang="en-US">
        <url execution-start-time="1" execution-stop-time="29"
            execution-time="28" http-status-code="503" http-status-message="Service Unavailable"><![CDATA[]]></url>

The problem it’s the subselect:

SELECT woeid FROM geo.placefinder WHERE text="latitute, longitute" and gflags = "R"

strangely it is working using free text as search parameter:

SELECT woeid FROM geo.placefinder WHERE text="bern,switzerland"

I thought, as workaround, to replace the latitude and longitude with free text in the conf file, but with the second condition (and gflags = “R”) the select does’nt work.

I hope they’ll fix the issue soon.

Service discontinued:

Placefinder was shutdown on Nov 17, 2012.

The YQL query will not work anymore. It was left on for people to migrate to BOSS. Now that BOSS has been EOL’ed placefinder has been turned off.

org posting below…

YQL tables for development
If you are looking to continue experimenting with the standalone PlaceFinder and PlaceMaker services, we are excited to continue supporting you through our YQL tables. These tables will be limited to 2,000 queries per day and are meant for non-commercial usage. We intend to shut down the current free versions of PlaceFinder and PlaceMaker on November 17, 2012.

my yahoo weather stopped working too. I am running 1.8

I’m not sure what your post meant… the yahoo service has been shutdown?

The service hasn’t, but the way Yahoo lets apps (like openHAB) interact with the service has.

The addon needs updating for this to happen.

I think you might be better off trying one of the other services in the meantime.

Good luck

Issue confirmed same problem here, on openhab startup errors on filling the items ? It says only 0 is found for the forecast

Could you try the JAR referenced in the thread below, and add your woeid to your location in openhab.cfg?

I will update the wiki page now for the 1.8.1 change.

Side note on this - I was using Yahoo for a while until it stopped working last week, and switched to Wunderground. Glad I did - the frequency of updates and the number of metrics with Wunderground are much better. Even when Yahoo was working overall there were regularly periods where the API would stop responding for hours at at time, whereas haven’t faced any issue with Wunderground…

Same here. I have also changed to Wunderworld.
@d0t: Have you managed to get the html layouts and icons working for the three day look ahead of Wunderworld with a corresponding Webview HTML file and if yes, would you share?

@Björn - The provider should not matter, AFAIK. Have a look at the bottom of the wiki page, which contains the new weather-data HTML templates for v1.8.

Hi Mike,
Thx for your reply. You were absolutely right.
It could not believe it to be so simple.