Yale Assure Lock SL YRD652

I have 6 Yale Assure Locks across two OpenHAB 3.4.2 installations. All are Alsa Abloy (0129), three are the Hand lever (800C:0F00), and two are the Deadbolt w/ no key (800C:0600). I have a third, which is a replacement for the 800C:0600 variant, which had a Yale model YRD256. The new model is now YRD652 (yes, the numbers are reversed) with an id of 8109:0DD5. This appears in the database, but it seems like it was recently added.

I guess this device is in 4.0 and not in the 3.4.2 jar file, and I don’t see an update in Maven for this jar.

I have searched the forum and cannot find any other reference to this device. What are my options for getting 3.4.2 to work with this lock?

The Z-Wave Alliance URL for this new lock is https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/4642

Edit: This is an update in 4.0. The yrd_256_0_0.xml was updated to include 0DD5.

I have been able to use Zwave 4.0 snapshots in 3.4x installations by installing java17. There could be issues (based on some comments) but at least for me it worked. I’m on a rpi3 and Rpi4 using openhabian. At first I used a zulu java version because the openjdk would not work with Buster. Now I’m on bullseye with openjdk.

Well I confirmed the file was updated for 4.0. I don’t need new unstable versions for a very production environment, but it should be easier to add new devices than to extract a jar, update the file, update the jar and then replace the existing binding.

Regardless of how difficult it is, it works now after somewhat following Modify a zwave binding jar to add/change a zwave device while waiting for a build