Yale Conexis with z-wave module L2

looking to log the rfid user info on ,my yale conexis L2 lock. want to know when the kids are home.

looks like i need the
any idea if this is correct and how we can get this added as channel

Is that channel and capability supported by the firmware? The existing channels are based on information directly from the firmware of a device.

Perhaps the channel was added with a new firmware version so it requires a new database entry?

More generally, this is a community maintained database, Here is the guide.

This class allows configuration of the codes - I’m not sure exactly what you want to do, but I doubt it does what you want, and I don’t see any need to add a channel for this.

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Hi Chris.

family members use an rfid tag presented to the Yale lock to unlock the door. i would like to log what RFID tag opened the door so i know what family members are home. to use in rules for lighting/ heating

Does the lock firmware have the capability to actually send out that data?

from what ive read on differant smart things sites yes.

What does the vendor say about your particular firmware version?

The channel information in our database came from an actual device that apparently did not have that feature. If a firmware change added that then a new database entry is needed.

Sure - but that is not done using the USER_CODE command class. It is part of the lock command class.

Can you track both directions? Do they need to present an RF tag to leave?

I detect presence using the Network binding to ping everyone’s phone to see if they are on the WiFi. Phones can be a bit unreliable so they have to be unseen for 5 minutes before the presence channel concludes they are out. It’s half an hour for an iPhone. Seems to work pretty well.

might be worth a try,

would you mind sharing your rule

Binding is Network

This is an example thing

Thing network:pingdevice:BarnysPhone "Barny's Phone" [ hostname="", retry=30 ]

You need the devices you are tracking to have static IP addresses. You can usually find that in your router’s DHCP settings. Just set a static IP address using each phone’s MAC address and every time it goes onto the network, it will have the same address. If you have an iPhone, you need to switch off the “Private address” function for your home Wi-Fi. iPhones try to disguise themselves by using a random MAC address, which isn’t necessary for a network you control and messes up the static addressing.

These are two example items that go with it:

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) Home "Home"
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) Adults "Adults"

Switch BarnyHome "Barny Home" (Home,Adults) { channel="network:pingdevice:BarnysPhone:online" }
DateTime BarnyOut "Barny Last Seen [%1$td %1$tb %1$tY %1$tR]" {channel="network:pingdevice:BarnysPhone:lastseen" }

Everyone is in the Home group so the switch shows if anyone is home, just my wife and I are in the Adults group, which is used for things like sending a text message if the smoke alarm goes off with no adults at home.

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Hi @mick1880

I’ll thinking about replacing my front door lock with one of these. What’s your honest opinion? I’ve almost talked the Wife around to the idea, so just need to understand if there any quirks.



Hi .
would definetly recommend these.
i have one on both my doors and just bought the yale rfid stickers to stick the back of my phone. so simple to use.

when you add the z-wave module you can then link them to your openhab and create rules.
i have one that lets me know via google minis that the door has been locked or unlocked.
if i lock the front the door but the back door is unlocked it alerts me to such via the google minis as well as sounding the alarm siren for .25 secs. great as you now never leave the house without locking both doors.

also means when im out the house i get an alert on my phone when door is unlocked. great with the kids.

as long as you use good duracell batteries they last for 6mnth easy


Thanks @mick1880,

Time to get one ordered and installed then.

thanks mate.

will have a look at this option

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