Yale Lock Items

Good afternoon,

I have my Yale lock successfully paired to my z-wave stick (moved from my VeraPlus) and I can see it correctly identified in HABMin at node 6. I have a few codes programmed already and I’m only looking to create a rule whereby if a specific code it entered, it will send me a pushover notification.

I’ve seen conflicting accounts on getting locks to work. I ready where “security classes are not incorporated”, but I wasn’t sure if you could monitor things like codes entered, but just not sending lock/unlock commands.

If I can’t do anything in OpenHAB with my Yale lock, is there a way using the MiOs binding to communicate back to OpenHAB that a code was entered and then to run a rule in OpenHAB? The reason I can’t just keep it in Vera is because MiOS broke the Hue plugin several months ago and now you can’t control any GE Link light within Vera. Most of my automation items were using the 30+ GE Links that I have in my house, so Vera became pretty useless to me at that point.

If I can monitor codes in OpenHAB, can someone point me to item and sitemap examples?

Thanks in advance!

From a security perspective, seeing the codes broadcast in the clear is just as big of a problem as being able to lock/unlock. My understanding, at least with the Kwickset locks, is pretty much everything requires the security command class (i.e. lock/unlock, codes, battery status).

I wasn’t sure if you saw the PIN codes, or the names. I doubt having “Housekeeper Code” broadcast would be a big security risk. :slight_smile:

Someone sniffing the network can learn a lot from “hosekeeping codes”. That is why most locks worth anything use the Security Command class for pretty much everything. Then at least the messages are encrypted.