Yale Lock Secure Pairing

Hi OpenHAB community.

I have successfully installed and been running OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi 3 for almost 2 months now. I’m just getting started with some automation and have run into a little difficulty getting all my channels to show up on my YRD246 lock. Please note that the I have gotten the LOCK function to work via OpenHAB, but some of my channels (like user codes) just will not show up.

Just because I am a stickler and want some of this functionality, I have deleted all my things and upgraded to the July 1 ZWave Test binding graciously provided and maintained by Chris Jackson. I have securely paired my YRD246 to the controller as Node 6. I know that it is securely paired (at least I think I do) because I have a checkmark next to the security tab on the device attributes.

The channels that I see are as follows: Door Lock, Alarm (access), Alarm (power), Battery Level, and Clock Time Offset. I have mapped items to Door Lock, Alarm (access), and Battery Level and can see them and control them via my sitemap. However, my understanding is that some of the other secure command classes like user codes should populate dynamically if it is detected that it is supported. The YRD246 supports the user codes command class and supports up to 250 users. I have dug through the node.xml and see this:


The way I see it, -6 users supported cannot be right. Something has to have gone awry or I am missing something obvious. I have dug through forums for the past few weeks trying to avoid posting a question that the answer is in multiple places. If I have done so, I apologize, but would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.