Yale YRD-110 Z-Wave Deadbolt: lock status still not updated

I have secure-included a Yale YRD-110 Z-wave deadbolt. It gets recognized correctly and I have created an item for the lock_door channel as below. I can control it properly with the switch, but sometimes when I unlock it (turn it off), the switch jumps right back up to the on/locked position. More importantly, it never updates when I manually turn the deadbolt by hand. Any advice? Thanks.

On the jump back issue could be an issue with the command poll interval. If set at 1500 on the UI thing page (usual default), increase it to give the lock time to get to the new state. This is an issue with dimmers and might be for locks too.

On the manual operation, may want to set zwave in Debug, manually operate and switch back to info level. Use the zwave log viewer or post log to get ideas.


Some locks don’t update the door_lock channel. I don’t know if that’s the case with this one, but you may need to use alarm_raw channel to update the lock status.

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Thanks for the help. It looks like the Alarm (raw) channel will work. I must be missing something, but the following call in my Rule script (javascript type) does not seem to work. That is the correct item name, FrontDoorLock_DoorLock. Is there a log somewhere that might give me some error information?


I don’t know anything about JavaScript rules. Will postUpdate work in JavaScript, or is it specific to Rules DSL?

I switched to the Rules DSL type and it works! Thanks again.

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It seems to have stopped doing this but I will try the poll interval if it happens again. Thanks.