Yale YRD220 notifications

Is there any method to get an alert from a YRD220 when a particular code is used to unlock?

There’s 250 usercode_code_ settings along with a matching label. I don’t see anything in the event log when code is used to unlock the door. Curious if I can get something set up so when the code in slot # 55 is used an alert could be sent to a telegram bot saying “Door unlocked by <usercode #>”

I did turn on the Alarm_Raw so I do see some events but not quite sure how to interpret.

Item 'YRD220_Alarm_Raw' updated to {"type":"19","value":"1"}
Item 'YRD220_Alarm_Raw' changed from {"type":"0","value":"0"} to {"type":"19","value":"1"}
Item 'YRD220_Alarm' updated to ON
Item 'YRD220_Alarm_Raw' updated to {"type":"21","value":"2"}
Item 'YRD220_Alarm_Raw' changed from {"type":"19","value":"1"} to {"type":"21","value":"2"}

I don’t have this lock but the Kwickset Zwave. The good news is that the raw looks mostly the same.

I don’t really use these connected of OH any more but I still have the Things.

If you navigate to Settings → Things → Thing representing the deadbolt under “Information” click on “Thing Information”. That should have a table showing the meanings of the types and values.

Since you have a different make and model, your table may be different.

I’m not seeing that info under things at all. But I did find the dev guide on the database at opensmarthouse so I think I can figure it out now. Thanks.

I think that info comes from the database so if you find the information to create a similar table, you should update the DB entry for the device with this information.