Yamaha AV receiver volume

Hi, after my initial switchover from Smartthings to OH3 at the beginning of this year, I have now found some spare time to further work on my OH installation.

I notice there discrepancy between the volume of the Yamaha receiver in OH and the actual volume on the receiver display.

As per the instructions of the binding, my volume item is set to limit the volume between -81dB and 0dB, so when I set for example the OH volume to 50%, the receiver volume becomes 40.5% (i.e. 50% of my volume item range).
The receiver display is set to display %.
What is the best way to tackle this?

The highest volume in dB your AVR is capable of is most likely 12dB, not 0dB. Your 100% in OH should match the 12db, but when you limit it in your thing configuration, that will affect the scaling I assume.

Yes that is true, the highest limit is 12dB, however I would like to limit OH setting the volume too high by mistake. Especially when the Google Assistant misinterprets my volume voice commands (the scaling on Google Assistant matces the one of OH)
In the Smartthings device handler there was an option to configure the scaling.
Can this be done in the thing or item configuration, or do I need to use auxiliary items?

:laughing: Might not be 100% compatible with the neighbors in the end.

Maybe transformations can solve your issue. Or profiles may help (never used them myself so far).
If these don’t offer a suitable solution there is still the complicated way: using rules to introduce mathematical conversions between the item used for the binding and a separate item for displaying the value.