Yamaha Binding detecting whether audio is playing?

I’m curious if it’s possible to detect whether the Yamaha Receiver is currently playing audio. I’ve got some switches I’d like to depower if the system isn’t playing audio. I have a Zone 2 system that powers speakers throughout my house.

Today, I’ve attached to whether or not Zone 2 is enabled in the receiver – when Zone 2 is turned on, all the other equipment is turned on. When Zone 2 is turned off, all the equipment is turned off. Problem is that often the family will play a podcast, video, or album and forget to turn Zone 2 off when they are done.

Ideally I’d love to be able to detect if the receiver has been silent for, say, 5 minutes and automatically turn off the rest of the house.

If not, I suspect that the next best thing to do here is to figure out wiring up the Spotify binding (since that’s mostly where people leave things on), and detect when it is playing through to the receiver.

Try adding this channel playback_channels#playback_song String (Gets the current played song) and use a rule to check if a song is being played. If no song is playing then turn off Zone 2.