Yamaha binding how to setup interval in things file?

I am trying to switch all my things to text files.
For the yamaha binding, the basic thing file should be okay:

Thing yamahareceiver:yamahaAV:livingroom [ HOST="" ] 

But maybe also the name from PaperUI!?

Thing yamahareceiver:yamahaAV:9ab0c000_f668_11de_9976_00a0de88f1a1 

But how do I set the “refresh interval” and the “relative volume change” in the things file?

depends on how the binding has this parameter configured. The “correct” way is refresh I think.
time in ms

For the other parameter (relative volume change): I have no clue :slight_smile:
Maybe take a look at the json file and use it in the Thing definition…

Okay, thanks, I will have a look!

There is also a 3rd style that I have seen in some bindings: refresh_Interval
Try each of the 3 to see which one works.
In theory, the json file should have a hint for this parameter (configure the thing and it’s refresh interval in PaperUI, then look at this parameter in the json file and then delete the thing and define it manually in the *.thing file)

What I see in org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json is:

      "configuration": {
        "properties": {
          "HOST": "",
          "RELVOLUMECHANGE": 2.0,
          "REFRESH_IN_SEC": 20.0

I will try them in the *.thing file.


REFRESH_IN_SEC is correct. Please be aware that the Yamaha Binding experienced some big updates in this development cycle. You may want to prevent the binding from updating otherwise your current text configuration will no longer work.

RELVOLUMECHANGE is used for the relative volume change factor, as you have figured out already. In the new version it is applied to a zone, not the AVR thing itself.

Cheers, David