Yamaha - change FM / DAB+ radio station

Hi All,

I have a Yamaha RX-S601D which has a built in radio FM and DAB+ module. In the existing yamahareceiver binding for OpenHAB2 I don’t see a way to change FM / DAB+ radio stations. Looking at the binding code it does not seem to be implemented at the moment. The changes required seem rather simple and would look similar to the existing NetRadio channel.

I was thinking about making a pull request to add support for changing the FM / DAB+ radio station.

With that, I wanted to double check if anyone is working on this feature right now?
Also please let me know if you would find this feature useful.


Hey @zarusz,

there is a PR already, that extends the Yamaha Binding to a great extend. It’s just stuck in review since about 6 months.

Cheers, David

Hi @David_Graeff,

Thanks for the response. I assume you’re referring to this PR created by yourself :slight_smile: ?
If so, will this add capability to change FM / DAB+ radio stations? The PR comments do not mention this.


Hey Thomasz,

I have implemented the generic navigation API so I assume it will work for DAB+ as well, yes :slight_smile: This is the reason why the review process takes so long actually, the PR fixes a few issues with zones and adds playback and navigation control and therefore the changeset is huge.

But it would be helpful if you could test it yourself and report what works and what didn’t work for you in the issue.


Please see this issue.