Yamaha musiccast binding


I’m not very good at programming so it would be a very long time before I’m able to understand how to build a binding let alone actually write one.

But I came across a recently released Yamaha musiccast API. And figured if anyone shares my dislike for Sonos, has invested in musiccast products instead and has has experience writing bindings, then this might be valuable.



I have been looking at this, and the API is very clear. The possibilities are massive, so we should create a first list of what is needed. After that, I believe a first version should be available soon. I will start playing around in next few days and will share my code on GitHub.
I will keep you posted.
Kind regards,


Hi Guys,

I would 100% be on Board. I am a big fan of Yamah and was just about to swap my Musicast Devices for Sonos to be able to control them from Openhab. But having a Musiccast Binding would be awesome!!!

I have Musiccast Devices to Test with.
I have some experience in working with APIs
I have no experience in writting Bindings

I would be happy to help where i can.

Any uddates on that topic?

@TomiBeck - also interested in doing some development against this. As a baseline - have you seen this base server - https://github.com/neutmute/swimbait

I think the interesting thing would be to ultimately connect MusicCast with home automation so that a theme will not just adjust the audio / video conditions, but also potentially lock the door, pull the blinds down and dim the lights for ‘Movie Night’

Ultimately I was thinking that you can then host the server / controller on a Raspberry Pi or a Mini PC stick (e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Azulle-Quantum-Access-Windows-storage/dp/B00X4O6GRK/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1481517685&sr=1-3&keywords=hdmi+pc)

What use did you ideally want to integrate it to?

Hey Filip,
I would actually prefer having a proper Binding. I dont really see the need to run that Server App that you posted in addition. Seems like its more to make a computer Musiccast Compatible. With a binding we will be able to read information from Musicast Devices and also do things like set input etc. Because Openhab can already control all the other stuff that should be good for your use case as well. I will probably start with the exec / HTTP Binding as this should already be able to work with the API. Long therm target should be a proper Binding but as i said i do not have experience with writing them . Would you be able to write a Binding?


Hey Thomas,

Typically a binding in many contexts refers to setting up a listener at a higher level, but in this context I think refers to binding to a specific port - so if HTTP, it is binding to port 80 or port 443 for https. Seeing as the API is REST based, thus creating an HTTP service still makes sense and I do have experience setting this up.

Based on the openHABJVM compatible construct it does mean that they should be able to work well together.

Perhaps the easiest for now is to focus on what you would like to use the API for. What are you trying to accomplish for now?

So as a standard HTTP binding - https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Http-Binding

I think this is what you meant.

Depending on what you want to use this for - the Yamaha binding might already have what you need - https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Yamahareceiver-Bin


I don’t think the Yamaha binding is currently compatible with MusicCast. I was thinking to develop a binding which can control what you play, control sound, … In a next step, I would like to go to system with automation, like when the soundbar’s input is HDMI, it switches from the music profile to ‘movie’ or something.

Filip, I don’t completely understand the use case of your code, but it seems you already did some interesting musiccast development. That could of course help a lot. I also have some equipment to test and play with. Just need to reserve some time for it :wink:

My idea was to add devices - like in the current Yamaha API, or automatically detect them, because they announce themselves very clearly.
After that, we could register for retrieving events.
Then start with changing volume, source, …
It is also possible to retrieve the artwork for the current song. That would be nice to integrate in openhab, but not sure if that would be possible.
If we could register for the events, it should be possible to use other bindings in openhab for further automation.

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Hi together,

I was looking through the Api Specification yesterday and found this Thread while searching for the Advanced docs.
I started playing Around with OpenHab some Weeks ago and i am interested in helping out here too.
I have got a Yamaha A/V Receiver and a MusicCast Radio to Play around and test.
I have some knowledge and experience in programming in general.
I have no expierence in creating bindings, but i am interested in digging into OpenHab Contributing anyways.

Seems like we have plenty of testers already now we just need somebody experienced in binding development :smiley:

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Api is crystal clear and works pretty well on my HTR-4069. I wondering about security, since there is no authentication scheme !

I’m very intrestet in an Yamaha binding too, but as i’m a beginner in Openhab it’s a little to early to do it on my own :frowning:
If anyone already startet - i would love to help if needed.

My equipment:
1x RX-V481
1x R-N402D
2x WX-030 (stereo linked)
1x WX-010

At the moment the RX-V481 works pretty well with the existing YamahaReceiver Binding (Inputs, Volume, Power, …). But all other devices are always shown as offline.

What i do at the moment is to work with custom items and rules, for example to set the volume when the slider is changed:

rule "Yamaha402Volume"
    Item YamahaReceiverRN402D_Volume changed
	logInfo("rules","YamahaReceiverRN402D_Volume changed to " + YamahaReceiverRN402D_Volume.state)
	sendHttpGetRequest("" + YamahaReceiverRN402D_Volume.state)

or my alarm clock script:

logInfo('scripts', "Script alarm1 started")
var curVol = 2;
sendHttpGetRequest("" + curVol)
for (var i = 0; i <= 11; i++) {
	sendHttpGetRequest("" + curVol)

This works pretty well, but is a little complicated and not how openhab should be used…

All I need would be a binding wich handels following Musiccast-URLs, or at least the most important of them:


Best Regards,


I’m also very interested in a musiccast binding to integrate my WX speakers with my home automation system.
But it seems like the link to the API is dead.

Anybody knows where to find the API documentation?


I’ll send it to you in a private message!


Oh, and here is a working PHP Wrapper Class for Musiccast:

(if anyone needs it)

Also interested in the advanced api, @badsl and also interested in binding, but also no experience with creating. Maybe we can modify or expand the existing yamaha if it is indeed semi-compatible ?

Yes, the existing yamaha binding, or maybe the sonos binding could be a good point to start.

I will have a deeper look on it comin weekend (girlfrind is not at home :heart_eyes::tada::confetti_ball:). With enough time it should be no big problem… I hope i will find a way into it, and then share it on github so that you guys can help and improve.

@badsl , do you have a copy of the advanced API? if so could i have it?

thanks in advance

You got mail :slight_smile: