Yamaha receiver is not working

I decided to move completely from OH1 to OH2b1 and for those add-ons that are not yet available, I’m using the latest OH 1.8 add-on, such as Yamaha - however it’s the first time that I try this add-on.
I’m using a Yamaha RX-V479, it’s working with Yamaha Android app, and I’m assuming that is not a problem with my receiver, the problem is that I don’t know if this receiver is supported by Yamaha add-on or it is a problem with OH2b1.
What I see in OH logs is this:
2016-01-24 19:14:45.552 [ERROR] [eiver.internal.YamahaReceiverBinding] - Error configuring YamahaReceiver Refresh Service

Any clue what should I do find the root cause and eventualy fix it?

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I can tell you that the Receiver definitely works with the Yamaha Binding, I am using it with a RX-V 479, but only with OH1.

Bye, Frido.

Frido, so it’s a good news - eliminated the compatibility issue.

Are you using this kind of configuration?


and item:
Switch Yamaha_Power “Power [%s]” (gHomeTheater_Ent) { yamahareceiver=“uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=power” }

Just to double check.

Best Regards!

@brunodom Please try a recent snapshot of OH2 since there have been various fixed regarding 1.x binding support meanwhile.

@Kai, unfortunately, still getting the same error:

2016-01-25 05:02:39.330 [ERROR] [eiver.internal.YamahaReceiverBinding] - Error configuring YamahaReceiver Refresh Service

and as expected, if I try to power:

2016-01-25 05:04:47.074 [ERROR] [eiver.internal.YamahaReceiverBinding] - Received command for unknown device uid ‘living’

and ‘living’ is correctly in cfg file:


Any clue?

Best Regards!

No, that needs to be debugged within the Yamaha binding…

@brunodom I will install OH2 on a test sd card in the next couple of days and will check if it works here.
Items and cfg look similar to mine…

Bye, Frido.

Did you follow the guide for addons that are not part of the oh2 distribution?
I checked the current offline distro and the yamahareceiver binding is not under
so this guide should apply to the yamahareceiver binding …

I have tried it with my Yamaha Receiver and it worked with the lates OH2 release. This is what I did:

I have copied the Yamaha Receiver Addon Version 1.8.1 to the addons subdirectory

In subdirectory conf/services I have created a file named “yamaha.cfg” with the following conten:


You will have to replace the ID address with the address of your receiver.

In directory conf/items I have created the file “yamaha.items” with some example items:

Switch Yamaha_Power         "Power [%s]"         <tv>    { yamahareceiver="uid=receiver, zone=main,  bindingType=power" }
Dimmer Yamaha_Volume         "Volume [%.1f %%]"             { yamahareceiver="uid=receiver, zone=main, bindingType=volumePercent" } 

After adding these items to my sitemap I was able to manage my receiver from OH2.

Thank you for this! I was trying to get this to work for a few hours until I found your instructions. Worked like a charm.

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I pulled the OH2 version of the Yamaha Receiver binding from here (https://github.com/davidgraeff/Openhab2-YamahaReceiver). Works like a charm > auto-discovers a Thing for my RX-A2040 plus one Thing for each of the additional zones…

@pnijsters How do you install the OH2 version? I managed to figure out how to do it in a development version via Eclipse but at a loss how to do it on a stand-alone install

Do a ‘mvn install’ or ‘mvn package’ from the command line in the work-space where you installed the development version of the binding > that should do the trick > it will create a jar file in the target directory.

I’m doing this on a Mac and am somewhat clueless on how to pull this of with Eclipse. I just cloned the development version from Github into my Eclipse workspace. I did this in the git directory under openhab2-addons/addons/binding and renamed the root directory of the development version to org.openhab.binding.yamahareceiver2 (so now the code is under git/openhab2-addons/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.yamahareceiver2). I added a line to the pom.xml in git/openhab2-addons/addons/binding (org.openhab.binding.yamahareceiver2) and then did
’mvn package’ > this created the jar file in the target directory that I pulled and moved to my OH2 install running on a separate Mac Mini, parked it on the addons directory under conf.

Thanks Patrick. My head hurts from the complexity of the Java world, but with your instructions I managed to get it working.

For others who may need assistance in the future - I did have to edit the pom.xml file in the yamahareciever2 directory to be more like the other bindings before I could get “mvn package” to work.