Yamaha Receiver RX-V781: Choose HDMI-Output [solved]


is it possible to extend the 2.2 Yamaha Receiver binding with a channel for choosing the HDMI-Output (1, 2, 1+2, none/off)?

There are two reasons for that request:

  1. The receiver is not capable to send the HDMI-signal on both outputs to TV-set and beamer simultaneously. The beamer is connected via a 10m long cable, it only works if set the output only to it.
  2. When i switch off my “stoneage”-TV-set, because i want to hear music, the red HDMI-Indicator starts flashing. Thats annoing! Therefor i have to switch off both HDMI-Outputs.

Thanks in advance…
Kind regards, Oliver

Did you file an issue in the openhab2-addons github repository too? https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues
That would be the best place to track issues like this one.

Possibly a temporary solution for now:

I don’t have an receiver with 2 hdmi outputs, but maybe you can get a workaround with the http binding for now,
to change the inputs from your sitemap or per rule.
The RX-V781 should work with the JSON API and the outputs should be settable.

Or do you have already a workaround for now?

I had a look in the API docs.
Outputs can be triggered.

So you could try using the following commands (no http binding needed here, when you work with rules):

{host} -> the IP of your receiver. Should be always the same then, of course.

// Activate HDMI Out 1

// Activate HDMI Out 2

// Deactivate HDMI Out 1

// Deactivate HDMI Out 

Or you could do something similar with Switch Items in the sitemap. (http binding needed then.)

Thanks a lot. Will post the request there. Hope the maintainers will extend the OH 2.3 version. Till then i’ll try your solution.

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