Yamaha RX-V677: can't change net station

I use a yamaha bindind. ON/OFF, Mute, source select and surround etc are work perfectly.
But i can’t change radio station:
item -
Number Yamaha_NetRadio “e-Радио” { yamahareceiver=“uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=netRadio” }
sitemap -
Selection item=Yamaha_NetRadio label=“Станция” mappings=[0=“Megapolis FM 89.5”, 1=“Radio Nashe”, 2=“OkoloJazza”, 3=“Radio Jazz”, 4=“Radio Imagination Russia”, 5=“Radio Orpheus 99.2 FM”]

What am i doing wrong?

upd. All station in My_Favorites folder

I’ve same problems.

Have you find a solutions???

Hey all,

I put a focus on Net Radio presets, play control and menu navigation for the next iteration of the addon. Please watch the thread at Yamahareceiver Binding has issue with Zone 2 to help test the new version before it will be released.


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