[yamahareceiver] Can not configure thing manually


i want to configure bindings manually but for yamaha it just says “Just use the auto discovery feature or add a thing for the binding manually by providing host and port”.

auto discovery works well, but if i try to configure

Thing yamahareceiver:yamahaAV:livingroom [ host="" ]

It won’t initialize.

Anybody an idea where i can look up the syntax?

Thanks, Jens

Should be the same as in openHAB1:

Just omit the prefix yamahareceiver: …

i thought in OH2 binding configuration ist done in the things files?

is working now:

Thing yamahareceiver:yamahaAV:livingroom [ HOST="" ]

host --> HOST

Thanks to @hmerk

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Jensen have you tried getting zone 2 to work with OH2?
If you have can you share your configs? Everytime I try to configure zone2, it just controls the main zone.

Hi Matt,

i have tried but without success. When i configure the 2nd zone, an additional item was visible in my inbox indicating a 2nd zone from the 2nd zone… But as i am not using the 2nd zone any more i did not pursued the issue.

So unfortunately can not help you :frowning:


Have a look here:

David is currently working on the issue. You may want to test the Alpha Version of the binding.

Hey @m0wlheld,

Within the binding code I have no access to the upnp devices cache and cannot resolve the IP address by just having the upnp id. But I did have the scenario in mind that the IP may change due to DHCP. If you create a manual thing in the file with the exact thing id the autodiscovery would create but with just some IP address instead of the right one, the binding should eventually update its stored address.
If you are going to use the alpha you have to add another thing per zone as well.