YAML expressions and auto complete

Not sure if this a feature request or a bug report, but I would really like the widget yaml editor to show more auto complete suggestions.

While creating charts, I find that there are hundreds of properties to work with to make things look right by looking at the echarts apache cheat sheet Cheat Sheet - Apache ECharts , but only a tiny handful of properties are shown through the auto-complete in the OpenHAB widget editor.

Same goes for the f7 components Page Vue Component | Framework7 Vue Documentation . Particularly all the styling and positioning/alignment options.

I would also like for every one of these properties to accept expressions and variables. All too often I find myself getting stuck because a property wont take an expression, such as the chartType of a chart.

I don’t know how much more can reasonably be done in this area. The information has to come from somewhere, and that’s the bottle neck. All the f7 components can list their properties because that information is passed by the f7 vue package. f7 doesn’t, to my knowledge, has a similar way to import a list of all the style options (although I admit, I’ve never looked). Without such a list, someone would have to gather that information and add it to the MainUI hint structure manually (which no dev is likely to volunteer to do).

The answer is similar for the eCharts, but a little more in depth just because of the way oh has modified the chart inputs. eCharts probably does have a package that lets you import the config options for each component (but, it might not just because of the large array of components and options).

There’s the age-old trade off here. Every time an property has to go through the check for an expression, that’s a little more overhead. Responsiveness of the UI depends on lower that overhead in as many reasonable ways as possible. So I guess the charts, which were probably never envisioned to get as complex as some users are now making them were an obvious choice for reducing that overhead.

If this is only impacting a handful of users who are digging deep into the chart capabilities, then it’s going to be up to one of those users to take the initiative to make that change and submit the PR. The main devs are already inundated with modifications that impact larger percentages of the user base.

Doesn’t seem like there are that many style properties that it would take more than an hour or so to write out by hand if there wasn’t a way to do it automagically. It seems there is a lot of power being left on the table by not having this, unless one is a pro css coder and knows it all by memory.

As for the expressions, if we can’t have it all, it would still make sense to add just a few more key properties to make it possible to create a properly dynamic chart, such as the chart type, and a few others for sizing and spacing, like height etc.