Yandex weather, help with HTTP request needed

Hi. Please help with HTTP request to get JSON answer from Yandex weather service.
Here is API.
Here is where you can get free key.
API says:

he locality is indicated using the latitude (lat parameter) and longitude (lon parameter). If these parameters have invalid values, the response will contain data for Moscow.

 & lat=<latitude>
 & lon=<longitude> 
 & [lang=<response language>] 

X-Yandex-API-Key: <key value>

Request headers:

    The key you received when enabling the Yandex.Weather API.

How to do this request using openHAB httpgetrequest or curl ?

Why you try to reinvent in wheel? There are working solutions :blush:
If there is no solution to your need, imho if there is a working solution use it and if you really want to use yours, I would create a little python service which fetches the data every minute or so and post the results to the REST API of openHAB

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
OpenWeatherMap has awful quality forecast for non America regions.
And plus-minus 4 degree for current temperature.
I checked it before found suitable service for me.

Deal with the weather?

Hi, now i use