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Hello all,
Wink is getting weird and it time to change. My current setup has zwave, zigbee and lutron devices. Wink doesn’t need the lutron hub. I’ve read the docs (some at least) and searched here but I’m obviously using the wrong search terms. So here’s my basic question:

Assuming that I have the flexibility to go with an rpi or an intel box, What do I need in the way of radios, bridges and/or other hardware accessories to get started?

The list of zwave devices, for example is a mile long but who can tell which are radios? The zigbee list is short and I found one radio that I can get from digikey. How does the lutron hub interface with openHAB? Ethernet, or what?

There are probably other questions that I should be asking but I don’t know enough to even formulate them. I gather that bindings come next after hardware but until I’m sure I know what the hardware is going to be I’m stuck.

Help on these questions would be greatly appreciated

For zwave you need a USB Zwave controller. For Zigbee you need a USB Zigbee coordinator. There is one combo dongle for sale that you can sometimes find, the HUSZB-1. NOTE: the frequencies used can be different based on your region and the HUSZB-1 is a North American device.

If you don’t go with the HUSZB-1, I believe any Zwave controller will work with the Zwave binding. For Zigbee, choose on from the list in the binding docs.

I don’t know Lutron but the binding docs say you need one of:

  • RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS, and other systems that can be controlled by Lutron Integration Protocol, such as RA2 Select, and Caseta Pro
  • The original RadioRA system, referred to here as RadioRA Classic
  • Legacy HomeWorks RS232 Processors
  • Grafik Eye 3x/4x systems with GRX-PRG or GRX-CI-PRG control interfaces

Do you know where/how to obtain the HUSZB-1? The manufacturer’s
web site makes it sound like the only sell wholesale.


That probably depends somewhat on where you live. In the past year, I haven’t seen the HUSBZB-1 on sale anywhere in Canada. It’s listed on Amazon, but it’s always unavailable.

For Z-Wave, the Aeotec and Zooz USB sticks are popular choices with OH users. Zooz products are popular because the company is very friendly toward opensource projects like openHAB.

Thanks for those details. Looks like I’m facing a pretty steep learning curve.


I assume that the Lutron devices you were controlling with the Wink hub are Caseta devices? If so, you’ll need to buy the PRO version of Lutron’s Caseta Smart Hub to control your Lutron devices in the absence of the Wink hub. I believe the model number is L-BDGPRO2-WH. The current Lutron binding does not work with the cheaper non-Pro version of the hub. The reason is that the pro version supports an additional integration protocol called LIP (Lutron Integration Protocol) that the binding relies on.

There is actually a project going on to update the binding so that it can use Lutron’s other protocol (called LEAP) to communicate with both the Pro and non-Pro versions of the Caseta Hub. However, even with that in place I would probably still recommend spending the extra $40-50 for the pro version of the hub. LEAP doesn’t seem able to provide all of the control that LIP does, and it is undocumented and unsupported and so more likely to break in the future.

Thank you. Actually, I using some Pico remotes that are supported by Wink. Lurton has unfortunately discontinued them which I think was a mistake. They have some cool functionality that no other Lurton product has now - the current ones all depend on an actual wall switch hard-wired to the ceiling lights. With the Pico I have a “wall switch” that can control smart bulbs regardless of what circuit they are on. I guess the Wink is the intermediary. It remains to be seen if the Lurton pro hub can accomplish the same slight-of-hand.



I got my HUSZB-1 on Amazon. But that was a few years ago and even at that time it looked like they were starting to get hard to find. I guess that has continued to occur.

One of the entire reasons for being of openHAB is to accomplish this sort of thing. If you have a switch and a light and both are supported by openHAB, it doesn’t matter what technology they are. A simple Rule or a follow Profile is all you need to cause that switch to control that light. For example, I have a Shelly1 wall switch that controls a couple of lamps directly wired to it and, through a Rule, three Zwave lights and two Zigbee lights.

Ah, ok. If you are talking about the Zigbee Pico keypads, then those won’t work with the Lutron Caseta hub I mentioned. But I assume they would work with the Zigbee stick you are discussing. If they are the more standard Pico keypads that use Lutron’s own “clearconnect” wireless protocol, then you would need the Lutron hub.

Thanks, I,ve got some research to do


An unofficial overview about z-wave controller you can find here:

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