Yeelight binding discovery not wrking

Hello guys,

I tried for a couply of hours to get the yeelight discovery to work, but there seems to be something about my network that disables the possibility. Even the yeelight developer examples dont pick up on the broadcast. I was able to pick up on NOTIFY messages, but never got a response on my “M-SEARCH” boradcasts. That also seems to be the issue in the deiscovery process.

I have verified that the lamp itself can be talked to via the command protocol provided by yeelight. Sadly I coud’t find any information on how to manually add a yeelight lamp as a thing. Could someone be so kind and post a yeelight thing or a link to a documentation. A look at the source code did not really help.

Thanks in advance

The problem was that the binding discards all model types it does not know. So it discarded my bedsightlamp. I made a quick and very hackish update to include the bedsight lamp. If anyone is interested I can upload the modified version, but honestly my knowledge in the Java universe is very limted and this is a very hackish approach.

Please upload the modified version with bedsidelamp support!

Thanx, will try this evening

Thanks, working fine!

Is it possible to add channel for on-off command as it is implemented in LED Color Bulb?

I’m not quite sure. As far as I remember I’m using the led stripe in the background.