Yeelight binding problems

HI I have 2 questions/problems with the Yeelight binding (I use color lamp bulbs) and hope that someone here can help me.
I’m using the 2.5 snapshot binding because the send command don’t work on the 2.4 binding (the command thing is also not present in the PaperUI after creating it).

  1. When I use the colorpicker, the dim functionality don’t work. The lamp just goes off (I also had this problem with the released 2.4 binding). Do you experience this too?

  2. when I want to sent RGB values to the lamps I use a rule like this:


This should put the blue color of the lamp to value 20. The problem is now that the lamp always goes to full (255) blue. also when I change the value to 30, 50, 100 or 250 I always get the same blue intensity.
Also tried this for the red color (I tested values between 65536 and 16711680) and also for the red color I always get the same red intensity?
Anyone else sees this?

Thank you for helping me!

Hi @DaanDW,

The send command was implemented after 2.4, so it won’t show up on the 2.4 release.

  1. I believe the color picker only changes color and don’t change the brightness. If you map a number (or percent item?) item to the channel, I think you can change it that way.
  2. I think that’s how the bulb/Yeelight implements it. Color and Brightness need to be change separately. You can see that in their example for color flow (cf command), it asks for color and brightness, so I think they need to changed independently. Stupid I know, but there isn’t much we can do.