Yeelight + Brightness


I’m using a Yeelight bulb and have this item linked to it:
Color Hallway1Light_Color "Hallway 1 Light Color" <colorlight> [ "lighting" ] { channel="yeelight:wonder:0x0000000005ed20bc:color" }
I can send commands to it either “100,100,100” (sets hue and saturation but not brightness) or “50” (sets just brightness. Am I missing something? I kind of need to set both hue and brightness in my rules, like here:
var new_bri = Math.round(Integer::parseInt(def_bri.state.toString) / 2).toString
Hallway1Light_Color.sendCommand( def_hue.state + "," + def_sat.state + "," + new_bri )
(def_* all being virtual Number items). Any ideas?

Edit: it seems Yeelights do not support HSB setting (per the manual at ), just HSV (hue + saturation - works for me, third parameter is ignored) and Brightness (one number, works well). Also it seems you must power on the lightbulb (.sendCommand(ON) ) before it starts accepting new commands.
If this is the case, the Yeelight binding will probably need a bit of additional work. Can anybody say anything more definite (I’m still quite a beginner)?

have you resolved? I have the same problem…