Yeelight control widget for HABPanel

Hey you all,

I started with openhab along time ago and with only some Things. My first Things are my Sonos speakers and the xiaomi yeelights (typ wonder). First i used the standard color picker and a simple switch widgets for my lights but it was not very cool because it used alot of space on the screen. After a while, I decided to create a custom widget for this and now I want to share it with you all :slight_smile:

Its my first try to develop a widget and I hope someone of you can tell me some improvements :wink:
I tested this widget for a long time and its completly arrived in my daily useage.
It makes no difference whether I use desktop, tablet or smartphone to control my lights, the widget can handle all of it pretty well.

The link to the github repository is:

So have a look and tell me what you think about it :slight_smile: