Yeelight Meteorite

Hi, I recently got myself the pendant lamp ‘Yeelight Meteorite’, featuring a w/ww downlight and an rgb uplight. It has been discovered, but only with a general on/off. Is there any chance I can define all channels?

The lamp has been discovered as a mihome-thing, btw.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi Dirk,
I am also looking for a possibility to bind a Yeelight Meteorite. How did you mange to discover it at all? I cant even get this to work…
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you can help me here:

Happy to help testing, but cannot be any help wit hthe code, sorry.

Let me know if I can do anything to get the Meteorite finally working.


Hi Johannes, I followed several guides and somehow got it discovered as Generic Mihome. Not really helpful - and quite often is is shown as offline which makes it not controllable.

Ok, thanks for sharing.

Has anyone an update on this issue?

Any updates? I got my Yeelight Meteorite working with FHEM in like 10seconds. Its not possible with openhab2??

It was found as generic xiaomi device, however it says

Xiaomi Mi Device 0F8BE4D0 (XXXX)



I’m trying since several weeks to get my yeelight meteorite (model: ceiling10) into my openhab instance (2.5.4). Unfortunately it’s not found when I’m scanning for new things. When I added the light manually it is always shown as offline.

As far as I understood the documentation, this yeelight model is supported generally. The device itself is also available in my network, as I can find and control it via the yeelight toolbox (for windows ->

Any suggestions how to solve?

Thanks and greetings

works great with the miio Binding, with autodiscover.
Can’t get the Colortemperature to work, thats all.

edit: Colortemperature works as well:
Slider item=Meteorite_Colortemperature minValue=1700 maxValue=6500 step=1

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Are you able to control both lights individually with the miio binding?


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Could you post your sitemap parts for the xiaomi lamp?

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			Frame label="Pendelleuchte" 
				Default item=Meteorite_AnAus 
				Default item=Meteorite_Helligkeit
				Slider item=Meteorite_Farbtemperatur minValue=1700 maxValue=6500 step=1

			Frame label="Pendelleuchte (Umgebung)" 
				Default item=Meteorite_Umgebung_AnAus 
				Slider item=Meteorite_Umgebung_Helligkeit
				Slider item=Meteorite_Umgebung_Farbtemperatur minValue=1700 maxValue=6500 step=1
				Default item=Meteorite_Umgebung_Farbe