Yeelight smart led bulb W3 mi-io binding support

i just got a new Yeelight smart led bulb W3 and i see it is unsupported by the binding, Device Model String : yeelink.light.colorb.I found the token from Mi app and got it ONLINE using cn cloud.Run the experimental channels and i got
test-yeelink.light.colorb-20230307-164744.txt (4.6 KB)
test-yeelink.light.colorb-20230307-164935.txt (6.5 KB)
I restarted openhab and some channels appear,i am testing them now.Can we have official support for this bulb?It is very nice and cheap…
it is not coming online using Direct Communication Method.Only with Cloud.

I have the same W3 bulb
Let me know if I can help.

Seems like this is the first yeelight bulb that is using miot style communication instead of the miio type commands.

Is is working properly with the channels that are created because of this file?

If the color does not show properly, you may need to add the transformation to convert the color…