Yio binding

Hello all,
I still have the problem that my yio thing is not loaded at the beginning and there is no error message in the log.
And if i add this manually over the gui everything is there also loading at next restart.

Also I see no debug output if I add the logger but the binding is loaded

252 │ Active │  80 │      │ org.openhab.binding.yioremote

Is there any known issue? @Kai @ysc

No one has an answer or idea about my issue? Should I open an bug report on GitHub?

Apparently so.

In the first place mind the posting rules please (below). Your issue isn’t specific to the OH3 release and not of general interest.

And don’t annoy our devs by directly pinging them. That is really frowned-upon behavior we dislike to see.

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Also if no response here, open an Issue on GitHub. The developer may not be a member of this user forum.

Hello, I am the developer and it runs until OH3 M4 perfectly. And it runs un my OH2 setup. It runs also in the eclipse enviroment.

Therefore I think it’s an issue with OH3.

In between there all references to smarthome were removed. That broke a bunch of stuff.

So what does this mean now? Do I need to change sth.? or Can I check where the error is?