YOUR Novel/Unique Uses of OpenHAB?

I’ve seen multiple ‘unique’ uses of OpenHAB, by some very smart/inventive people:

  1. The typical sound/video monitoring of a home
  2. Dashboard to control everything at home, be it audio in rooms, windows shades, garage doors, …
  3. Monitoring charging of a smart car i.e. BMW i3 / Tesla
  4. Weather forecast for the next few days
  5. Garbage/recycling pick-up day
  6. import from Google Calendar
  7. Energy Usage monitoring
  8. Automated system for watering plants

Yet, the most ‘inspiring’ I’ve seen so far:

  1. Sun/Moon position tracking, and shadow on the house
  2. Plane Tracking (flight-aware), so kids at home can see where daddy is, … for those who travel a lot

Question: What novel/unique uses of OpenHAB have you come up with or seen on this board or elsewhere ?

What do they do with it?

See What are your top 3 automations and What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?.