Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

I personally find HABPanelViewer still a bit laggy and does not always render SVGs very weel. I prefer Fully kiosks browser instead. But HAB Panel definitely better than android app, which is best if used with smartphones.

When you say “a bit” you mean a lot :frowning: But that is, AFAIK, a function of HABPanel and not HPV? How can Fully Kiosk (which I used early on) be any quicker? It’s still invoking the browser underneath?


Habpanel and the viewer needs a fair bit of work. Its far too slow compared to the Basic UI and other UI’s and this really takes the shine off what could be an amazing product. There appears to be very little development on it, at least to my eyes.

The biggest issue is A) its speed which is solved to a degree by using hardware acceleration and B) when you use hardware acceleration the results are less than predictable. - ie it locks up the tablet requiring a reset

This is using a Samsung Tab A 10.5 (latest generation)

Using a browser instead of HPV is about 5x faster for me!

Hi everyone,

I would like to start a short discussion about iPad solution as wall mounted tablet. Currently I run a amazon tab permanently - which is running fine. Never the less, I prefer an iPad and would like to put now an iPad on the wall.

What I would like to achieve:

  • Kiosk mode, which is possible based on iPad settings
  • motion detection: if an aqara motion sensor gets motion, wake up the iPad by sending push to this unique device

Here is the puh, in Homee it is possible to send a notification to a unique user/device. This way the iPad is waked up and shows directly habPanel which is great. How can I manage this for openHAB? I use currently pushover for some actions, but I can’t delimitate to which end-device the message should be send - or?
Maybe the simplest way would be a different notification service only used by the iPad which I would like to avoid - preferred solution would be an offline solution…

Looking forward to your ideas and solutions.

Have nice Christmas guys.



I thought I’d share my current wall tablet setup. I’m using a Lenovo Tab 4 10" Plus running LineageOS 16.0 (Pie 9.0) and HABPanel with the New Pride theme from @pmpkk. It’s currently always powered from a twin USB charger behind the wall recess, charger also supplies power to the Aeotec Multi-Senor 6 (above tablet).

I’m also running Fully Kiosk Browser with motion detection to turn the screen on after a 15 minute time out. The tablet also goes to sleep at night and wakes up in the moring on a 7 day schedule. The camera motion detection is not great, especially at night so I’ll look into doing something smart with the Multi-Sensor 6 and the Fully rest API, a task for another day though.

I’ve found HABPanel and Fully do have some lag but nothing I cannot live with. My tablet is mainly informational as I have rules which do most of the home automation and use voice for most other home control.

The tablet is mounted via magnets that are J-B welded to the tablet and wall recess. The magnets also serve as locators so the tablet ‘snaps’ in and is always level. It is currently the only tablet I have so I needed to be able to remove it very easily so I can play Minecraft with my daughters :grinning:


I am setting up something like this, not really for a control panel but as a replacement for my wall switches. But it might as well do as a panel :slight_smile:

This is just my PoC with:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Pimoroni Hyperpixel 470

This ends up being a square 8cm x 8cm touchpanel (720x720) with Linux, video capable. Nice starting point.

I am creating a dedicated topic to follow up, and if there is interest I will try to make an “Open Source Hardware Touch Switch Computer”.

My own requirements:

  • It has to be “nice & cool” (otherwise my wife would never allow me to install them at home :slight_smile: ) No visible wires or electronics…
  • Directly pluggable on a wall switch (this may require specific HW, which I can design), I will make an alternate version just connecting to some USB source on the back.
  • “Plug & play”… no Linux setup / maintenance needed (at least to use it out of the box)
  • Nice simple interactive UI (full screen HTML5), video and photo capable

The Pimoroni screen is cool (works nearly out of the box), so good for the PoC but it has some drawbacks:

  • The connector on the back places the rPi too on the border: the SD card becomes visible on the side, and does not allow for something to hide the electronics on the sides.
  • It is expensive, so multiplying for the amount of switches at home…

So I am looking at some OEM touchpanels (plenty of options in alibaba) and may try to develop my own interface (and get it done in China), but it may take some time: so, by now, I will work with the Pimoroni :slight_smile: (alternatives welcome)

I am a hobbyist with limited time, so please be patient if interested :slight_smile:


Not installed yet or finished but thought I would post my progress. I’ve only recently got back into openHAB this year.

Fire 7 gen 5 in a custom designed and printed wall mount

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I tested a bit the last weeks and would like to share my solution.

what I needed:

  • Hardcover of an iPad
  • iPad
  • deconz stick and binding
  • Aqara motion sensor
  • SendNotification

The realization is by a simple rule:

rule "Motion Wake Up iPad"
        Item ZigMotion_M2_Sensor changed to ON 
            logInfo("notifications","WakeUp iPad via OpenhabCloud")
            sendNotification("","Wallmount Tablet an")

the iPad I put into guided mode with entering sleep mode 2 minutes. after this time the iPad only wakes up, if motion is detected. I like the solution. Like this I have to charge the device once per week.

If you have setup questions for the iPad feel free to get in touch.


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looks great … can you share your widget jsons?
I really wish habpanel become more userfriendly tool … :slight_smile:

I only used standard. no coding in my panel.

i was replying to @nathantfry :wink:

sorry, my bad :smiley:

I use the New Pride CSS from @pmpkk, see here, I also started with his matrix theme widgets, see here

My mostly complete widget versions are attached, this is my home, downstairs and weather. I’ve not completed my other screens yet. I ended up creating quite a few virtual items to facilitate the type of information I wanted to display. Yes, it takes far more time than it should but this should give you a good starting point.

home.widget.json (9.5 KB)
downstairs.widget.json (21.3 KB)
weather.widget.json (10.4 KB)

FYI - I’m now also using HABPanel Viewer Kiosk inbetween HABPanel and Fully Kiosk Browser, which is now in single app mode. I find the tablet stays repsonsive rather than freezing, it does add a bit of further lag when you first interact with it after some time but once that’s done it’s all good.

thank you @nathantfry what editor you use to convert it from/to one liner?

I must say, I’m formed website developer, but … i became kind of lazy and this habpanel jsons are killing me :slight_smile:

Import directly into HABPanel and edit from there.

I like your usb charger (allmost hidden)!
Can you give any link for this charging cable? Or any closeup pic of the cable?
I have problem that my tablet has a frame … but usb charger sticks out and is ugly :frowning:

I found it on AliExpress, here, there are a few types around.

Excellent! Thank you, have tried to find but missed the searching word :frowning: Now found even the micro usb one :slight_smile:

have a look at this example…
i am doing the same at the moment because i fully renovating my appartment.

Hi Everyone !

Just installed mine. A 11.6 1080p touch screen bought on Alibaba, with a Raspi 3B+.

I’m not 100% happy with the reactivity, but working on it.

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