YouTube Account hacked!

ACHTUNG: Der YouTube-Kanal ist gehackt!

ATTENTION: The YouTube channel is hacked!

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@Kai @hmerk @digitaldan @ysc @Confectrician Sorry for pinging, just making sure you don’t miss THAT. I guess you as the foundation board members have access to the YouTube account.


Unfortunately BangerTECH is also infected. :frowning:

I wondered why I had some scam livestream in my youtube subscriptions. Came here to post something similar.

Thanks @Hoerli for reporting.

Hopefully the videos are backed up somewhere - there was a lot of good stuff there.

Yes, this is currently such a nagging issue.
Some well-known YouTube channels have just been hacked.

Would like to know if it is really enough to steal coockies and log in via VPN near the victim, or if Google has another security problem.

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Hi all, @Kai and others are on it, thanks for letting us know!

Yes, many thanks for noticing!
I have removed access of the scammer, restored our name and logo and removed the link to the scammer’s livestream.
We’ll try to restore the original design of our page soon as well, but the urgent tasks should be done now already.


Did anyone inform @MichaelBrunner already?

Yes. He is aware of the problem already Stefan. :slight_smile:


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