Youtube video channel

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Hello community,

I have worked on the new MQTT support for openHAB 2.4 and next to a blog post I’d like to make a youtube video explaining all the features arriving with MQTTv2.

Video editing materials

Others may be passionate to create some exiting OH videos as well.
I thought it might benefit, if we as a community create some sort of unified OH intro/outro clips, high res logo/ promotion material for video usage and maybe even provide a brief how-to tutorial.

Voice actors

I also wonder if there are any voice actors in the community that would do short voice overs for a more professional touch.


One example from another open source project, the gnome desktop:

I like how they first introduce what Gnome actually is before they continue with the new features.


There are some resources on the internet like

I will create an amateurish intro for my planned video, which I will share of course,
but for the mid-run it would be awesome if something more professional is available for followers.