Z-uno in OpenHab

Who has the latest news of how to make z-uno work with OpenHab.
Is there a guide that is not to complicated, i am new in OpenHab but not in Arduino.

In my oppinion it is not possible.
The Z-Wave Binding is not able to dynamicaly create channels for a device. All known devices are in the Z-Wave Device Database.


Because Z-Uno generates an individual device not known in the datbase, it can’t be used.

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Likely the only way tho binding could be used is to manually add your device locally to the binding. There is a thread here on unpacking the jar file and doing that. You are then responsible for troubleshooting though.

What a coincidence. I just learned about the z-uno device today and separately stumbled across this post. I can help as I do have some experience adding new or custom z-wave devices to OH.

To summarize, what @Bruce_Osborne is saying is correct. The high level version of it is this:

  • Normally, all zwave devices must be pre-defined in the cd-jackson database. This gives OH awareness of capabilities for any given zwave node.
  • Because a z-uno is customizable with dynamic channels and capabilities, the normal method probably isn’t possible.
  • There is a workable alternative but it requires: 1) downloading the latest version of the binding 2) creating and editing your own xml file 3) re-compiling it into your own custom version of the zwave binding jar
  • One major drawback though is you will have to repeat this any time you want to update your zwave binding in the future, as you are effectively forking the binding to your own version.
  • The method above will seem tedious, but it’s not bad if you take it step by step.

It will be up to you to assess if it’s worthwhile enough for you to go this far. In my personal experience, if my zwave network is stable, I can continue to run the same binding for months or even years. However, if I ever want to add or experiment with a cutting edge device, I tend to update the zwave binding frequently.

Edit: Here is a well-written summary from another user: Z-Uno & OpenHAB2. They pretty much detail the steps I mention above.


Thanks for the plug. I wrote that awhile ago, so if anyone tries it and needs to do anything differently, please document on that thread.

It’s been controlling an under cabinet LED strip for me without issue!

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Nice! Good to know it’s been working.
Have you ever tried using it for reading custom zwave activities?

I was thinking of the possibilities such as a pressure sensor for a bed/couch, custom flowmeter, NFC reader, etc

I haven’t. Life’s gotten a bit busy.

I do have two more sitting in a drawer, and have been wanting to replace my washer/dryer cycle sensors at some point. Right now they are current sensors around the load lines hooked up to an Arduino with RF, sending to another Arduino with RF and an Ethernet shield - that then uses mqtt. Not super reliable, and complicated for something so simple…

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