Z-Wave: Aeon Dimmer not sending meter reports on every change


I’m using Aeon Dimmer to control lights around the house. It has integrated meter reports that I would like to make use of, but the reports are not very reliable. Specifically, I would like to use wattage reports, but sometimes it reports real wattage, sometimes it reports wattage somewhere in between zero and maximal wattage of the bulb, and sometimes it does not report anything at all. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it sends report while I’m still moving a slider in the OH UI (if I tap slider once more on the same spot, after the light is turned ON/OFF, it reports real wattage). In HABmin thing configuration I’ve configured it to send reports on change (minimal value - 25 and minimal percent - 5), as well as timed reports (tried with different intervals, ranging from 1 to 600). Target for automatic meter reports is set to OpenHAB controller. I’ve tried setting Target for automatic reports to OpenHAB controller too, but it doesn’t get saved (after reopening configuration, there is nothing in Target for automatic reports field). I’ve also tried healing and reinitializing node, but it didn’t help either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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