Z-Wave Alarm Class V3

Sorry - I don’t understand what you mean by this?

Sorry, I don’t know - it’s generated within ESH or OH - I’m not sure though as I’ve not tried to find it.


Ok I think that response to the issue is the reason for non persistent values. Since I did not manually overrule something from the binding and just use the items as provided it might be something you need to know?

I had exactly the same problem .
Device state (in my case a dimmer) was updated correctly while i was on the actual page
Reentering the page or refresh does not show the actual state.
The update state from the binding was not accepted by ESH but the state was still forwarded to the Basic-UI (I used DECIMAL type instead of PERCENTAGE type to update the state).
my sugestion: switch karaf to debug mode and check if there is a DEBUG message after you change the state of your device.

That seems very strange - so ESH is updating the item only on the webpage, but it’s apparently doesn’t ‘accept it’. I didn’t think that’s how the system works - it should receive the state updates, and then update the state on the message bus, and at this time the UI would also be updated…

@kai - is this possible?

@shorty707, if it is correct, then it means your item is using the wrong type, so you can simply fix this by using the correct item type can’t you?

hi chris,
do you mean in Habmin change the item type or generate manually a item of that device in items file?
as I understood you before I cannot change that item type actually?? I took the item directly from habmin with your copy+paste function (that small icon the appears on mouse over)

If you can give me a hint what I should try to verify I would do and let you know whats the result…

the only thing I can say for sure is that its exactly as that guy desribed it in the issue I opened:

lets wait for kai to answer aswell :slight_smile:

This is clearly the way how it works, yes.

Well, you can change the item type - by this, I mean the UI allows you to set any type you want. But if you use one that it not compatible with the state the binding is sending, then you will get an error. This is known and something I’ve said before (I think we already discussed this).

The item should be set as per the channel type in the database, but I don’t know what channel we are talking about or anything so I can’t comment much more… If you have a look on my database site, there is a list of channel types, and this lists the allowed item type…

Basic UI currently has the issue for

Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor 6
Channels affected: Battery, Sensor Binary (Motion Alarm), Alarm general

DLINK Z110 Door Sensor
Channels Affected: Battery, Sensor Binary (Door Window Status), Alarm general

Ok, but that doesn’t help me as if your point is correct and there’s a mismatch between the channel and the thing, then we need to know the configuration of the items.

As per the original message you referenced above, are there any errors when the state is updated?

not in zwave debug log
just asked s-sima from the issue if he meant to log something different

I’ve not noticed any UI issues with my multisensor 6. The only issue I get is with the DateTime item I created to store the last updated time whereby it loses the item formatting I defined in my item file.

you directly see the motion sensor alarm state when you go on basic ui? and not just blank status first before an motion is triggered while you already there?

you use the item from habmin? or created manually item in items file?

Here is a screenshot taken immediately after page load:

My items are manual defined in an items file and are part of a group. This is the page rendered for the group.

could you try to add one item (motion sensor) via habmin clipboard function to that sitemap and see if the status is there aswell? (however since you have a switch there it looks different as a switch cannot be blank) so maybe add as text to sitemap? and see if it says ON OFF or BLANK?

for battery I added a formatting to the habmin item … this works then! so I still think its the problem s-simma confirmed in the reported issue

All this does is copies the name of the item into the clipboard - it’s not doing anything fancy… If you think this is causing you a problem, you can instead type the name by hand, but I don’t think it can cause any issue once you paste the text into a sitemap file (can it :confused:).

ok same for MOTION !
When I add [%s] to the item label in Habmin2 ! The State is always present on the UI!

So it must be an issue with basic ui not accepting the default formatting like s-simma anticipated ?!?

this makes it work:

I just wanted to see what happens if he isnt using an item from items files. but please see my post above.

this definately solves it for me.

What does? I’m not sure which post you refer to (there’s too many :sunglasses:).


adding a manual formatting in habmin2 to the item does solve the issue

fun thing … habmin2 does not show the applied formatting after a refresh (f5) and just drops that (in this case [%s]
… in oh2 on console the items command however still shows it with the formatting and it still works. so that second issue seems now habmin2 related

Ah - ok. I remember Kai making a comment that the states defined in the XML don’t work if you set a format… Maybe it’s related…

Not sure if you got this right.
The point is it does not work with the default formatting from zwave binding and must be ovrruled by an own manually added formatting to make it work.
I think that’s not intented?

Option a) binding does return value with correct formatting?
Option B) any formatting is displayed on the ui?

If B would be it I leave the reported issue for esh open?