Z-wave and rfxcom combination issue


I have bumped in to a strange issue with my setup. I have a fibaro double switch set up and if I use the switches in the paper ui control page the light work as expected.
I have also a nexa double wall switch (the one that is battery driven and works like a remote) det up. On this one I have bound the switches to the same things as for the 2 switches of the fibaro. And I now expected that I could controle the fibaro from the nexa switch. But no it won’t work, and it’s even stranger.
If I in paper ui controle page switch the nexa switch, the Z-wave anso change state in the ui and lamp turns on and off as expected.
But if I push the wall switch, I can se the nexa and fibaro cnange state in the paper ui. But the lamp does not turn on or of.

Any hints on why I get this behaviour? Everything is configured and set up from Paper ui.