Z-Wave Battery - Network Neighbors are not true Neighbors

I’ve recently upgraded my garage door sensors to Zooz ZSE43 tilt sensors. The sensors paired well and appear to be fully initialized

I needed to bring these devices near the controller and wake them up for them to initialize. Now when I bring them to their final installation location, I have not been able to get the network map to update and show the closest neighbors. It shows neighbors which are likely too far away for the device to reach directly but I have plenty of powered devices within 10 meters or less from the ZSE43. I have waited for many days to see if the network will remap. I have also woken the devices up many times while in their permanent locations but the network map never updates and the devices rarely update when the doors are opened or closed.
Edit: I noticed the exact same problem with my Zooz ZSE42. That one is still within reach of one listed neighbor powered device but it it isn’t showing closer powered devices as neighbors and it’s messages are not always going through.

What step am I missing?

Do not put too much stock into the neighbors map. All it shows is that one device saw another one as a neighbor during the last heal. It does not represent how messages flow through the mesh. It just gives an idea about which devices can see each other. When a device publishes a message, which ever devices hear that message will pick it up and relay it, not just the listed neighbors.

Battery powered devices are particularly problematic because they only wake up and respond to requests when ever they darn well feel like it. So it is unlikely to be awake and respond to the command to heal during the nightly network heal, therefore missing out on updating it’s neighbors table.

I can’t remember if the nightly heal is run every night or if that’s still disabled. On the Zwave Controller Thing, look to see if the Zwave network heal has a time or if it’s disabled. If it’s disabled, try enabling it or trigger a heal if you can.

Did a network include not work? It’s my understanding that only really old Zwave devices need to be brought near to the controller and newer devices can be included in place.

Ditto on the network map, not really relevant, but a great looking picture. However, if the item is not updating when the door opens or is jostled, that does indicate routing could be improved.

Also based on the picture you posted you could hit the “heal the device”, then wake it. I find the device is hard to actually awake. There are flashes with the button presses, but need to check the UI page Thing properties to see if the wakeup actually occurred. Lastly Zooz did have a firmware update to help ZSE43 battery life. Again check the properties tab for version 1.2 or more

I tried to not give much stock to the neighbors, but when the devices were not updating unless they were brought near a listed neighbor, I found it pretty hard to ignore. :grinning:

Yes, the network heal is set for 2AM and I think that was set by default. The device seems to be set to wake up every 6 hours. Looking at their zwave_lastheal they don’t heal regularly.

I actually added these devices months ago. I think I did a network inclusion and it worked fine without bringing near the controller. However, as per the Z-wave binding instructions, I brought them I brought them near the controller and woke them up a few times to finish the initialization.

Yes, that’s the problem I’m having and the reason why I looked into the neighbors.

I just assumed that if I did the wake device sequence, the device responds back with one indicator flash as per the instructions, that it would actually wake up. Thank you for pointing out the parameters. Yes, that’s the issue. The wakeup and last initialization are not updating when I wake up the device from the permanent location. When I bring it closer to a listed neighbor, it seems to update.

I thought all my devices were updated to 1.2 but after checking the parameters is seems that two out of three tilt sensors are not updated so I’ll go do that. I wonder if I can use the same tool to help with the network routing.

I’m generally a big fan of Zooz and their support (have dozen+ devices). I bought the zse43 because my Ecowave Tilt2.5 (500) had a quirk I didn’t like and thought the 700 Zse43 would be better (longer range and battery life) and they were disappointing on both counts (even after the upgrade to 1.2 battery life is ‘meh’). I have since returned to Tilt2.5 and use the Zse43 on my test system.

What I recall doing was the “heal and wake” routine while moving the device gradually out to the garage (leaving all the doors open along the way). Eventually it picked up a local (garage) repeater. I have a zniffer so I could see the actual message paths. Best wishes